Here is my initial thread
Week 1: Amazing what you can learn about yourself in just 1 week when you pay attention!

Here are the items in my closet right now with my notes. I have put in bold those items I definitively want to keep in my wardrobe.

Pants (8)

- 3 jeans:
medium dark wash, black & red. denim & black would be adequate for my needs but other options nice.

- 1 pair heavy weight black leggings- Wore with my snow boots . Have
also worn them with longer length tunics everyday.

- 1 pair slim black ponte pants- these are my “dressy” option.

- 3 black yoga pants - my preferred at home wear. I like cotton/lycra (EB) much more than tech fabric (Lucy)

Tops: (8)-

- Medium width black/white stripe tee – love with denim, like with black & red pants. Tried a narrower stripe initially but did not like with black pants (too heavy feeling). Medium width much better.

- V neck red wool sweater – Like the cut, wool a little itchy for everyday. Works for a more “polished look”.

- "Arty tee" Tie dyed cotton knit tunic (black, grey, indigo,
rust)- I really like this. Fabric feels good. Good silhouette- has some waist shaping. Like with denim & black jeans. Would like with grey jeans

- Black/Red flannel shirt- love the feel of flannel but not a tailored shirt fan. Need different silhouette.

- 3 others that are OK but nothing special. Purple cowl neck tunic (like cowl necks), black/grey speckled sweatshirt tunic length (too boxy, but like sweat shirting), Slate blue waffle knit tunic with embroidery-(not a fan of the embroidery, feels fussy to me, would prefer
a different color, maybe rust or teal)

- Subbed a Nic + Zoe sweater for the black/white dot sweater. Dots too big and sweater too short. Similar to B/W stripe top in a way, The new sweater is blues & black . Can be more casual with jeans, more polished with black ponte pants.

I will add the following for next week (5)

- Grey jeans, a favorite “arty” tee , a more casual red top. (I like red), Black/Grey stripe tee (very soft, another option with grey jeans) and a teal top

Toppers (2)- Learned I prefer mid-thigh to above knee length

- Down: heavyweight coat, light weight longer length jacket.– not counting in 30. Would like an alternate to the light weight down coat that is a little dressier.

- Black heavy weight above knee length sweater coat - love it. Comfortable, very clean lines, polished appearing.

- Black wool waterfall mid thigh length cardigan- lighter weight than coat. Felt OK but not as great as sweater coat.

Shoes (3)- + snow boots

- Blondo heeled black booties- a winner. Wear for “dress”. Prefer flatter heels for everyday wear

- Born booties with buckles- these feel a little RATE for what I apparently prefer.

- Clark’s black high top sneakers- I feel kid like when I wear them which is good and bad. But they do make me smile.

Some other learnings:

I discovered that I would like a more polished look then what I have been wearing. I want several different levels of casual in my
wardrobe. (I am retired and my lifestyle is very casual)

At home/Everyday casual –Comfort is the key
here. I typically change yoga pants to jeans and keep on the same top when I go out. This works for me. I only change outfits completely for events. So I need to focus on everyday tops that I enjoy wearing.

casual- casual dining out , concerts, etc 1-3 times/week. Here is where I would like to “up my game” at bit. Will have to think on how to do that. Maybe add a casual bracelet + earrings. Any ideas?

"Dressy' casual- For holiday events, theatre, dining out in nicer restaurants. Needs 2-3 outfits for the season

Arty casual- for Handweavers Guild meetings 1-2 times/month. I don’t weave but I take my mother to these meetings. I love textiles so it isn’t a hardship.

I am OK with a single uniform of slim pants + tunic length tops + longer topper/coat + booties.
I tried straight leg jeans one day but did not like them with booties so I put on sneakers instead and felt blah and boring. Interesting!

I like black, red, rust & teal. I would wear cognac/leopard in tops if I
had some that fit. I like a moderate level of contrast (who knew!). I did not feel good in all black. I like patterned tops with solid pants but only geometric and abstract patterns apparently. I have several other print tees that I have no desire to wear.

If you have read all the way through this- I thank you. I will post an update (hopefully shorter) after next week. I am having knee surgery Jan 15th (was scheduled for early Feb.) so I will have to put the challenge on hold for the several weeks after. I will use that time to consider the "with purpose" part of my wardrobe goals. i.e. develop a plan (a favorite thing of mine to do)

I added a few finds. The sweater coat style is similar to mind. Will try to take some pictures of the tie dye tunic and other arty tee. Am not up for outfit pics right now.