Sorry to have mostly disappeared this last week. I have had a lot
going on. I am just now trying to catch up with everyone else’s 30 x 30

I am now up to 28 items. I just finished adding most of these to my finds.

- 4 jeans- medium dark rinse, black, red & grey. The grey was a good addition.

- 2 yoga pants, 2 joggers, 1 leggings- I only wear these at home

- 1 pair ponte pants

- 3 tee shirts- black/ecru stripe, black/grey stripe, “arty” stripe

- 4 tunic length knit tops- slate blue embroidered waffle knit, red waffle knit, tie dyed knit, black/speckled sweatshirt

- 2 sweaters- red and Nic & Zoe blue/black

- 2 tunic length sweaters- purple cowl, teal

- 4 Toppers: black knee length sweater coat, black waterfall cardigan, black cashmere ruffled shawl, embroidered floral paisley fur trimmed shawl

- Coats: light and heavy weight down (not counting these)

- 4 shoes: Blondo suede booties (small heel), Born booties (flat), high top sneakers (Clarks), Ecco sneakers. All black

I also have a wool black/teal sweater coat I bought in NZ that I would have worn if I had a black or teal top that matched.

My learning from this week:

Since I started paying attention to when I feel joy in my
clothes I realized that it is “feeling stylish” that makes me happy when
I am out and about in the world. At home, it is feeling comfy that makes me happy, not feeling stylish.

At home, I am totally happy repeating outfits. So, I need just enough items to get me through a laundry cycle (~10 days). I need to
be very particular about the comfort of items as that is happiness factor.

Even though I spend more time @ home I will need more items and variety in my “out in the world” wardrobe.

I need to define in more detail what makes me feel stylish.

I like wearing what I would call subdued arty clothes (tie-dyed tunic, fur trimmed embroidered shawl, arty tee)

This is a big one- I know, I said I did not like toppers, but I had an aha moment reading Bonnie's old thread
I realized it is indoor toppers that I do not like, I prefer to just change
to a heavier weight top if I am cold. However I really like “coat
like” toppers if they are looser fitting. This week I wore a sweater coat and some shawls. I really enjoyed them and felt more stylish
wearing them versus my down coat. So I think one way I can up the style factor in my everyday is to add more coat like toppers. I seem
to especially like poncho’s/shawls.

I also want to focus on artisan jewelry and maybe add some statement shoes as a way to add interest.

I will mostly be in PJ’s and comfort clothes the next couple of weeks while recuperating from knee surgery. So I am going to take my learnings from the last 2 weeks and work on the “with purpose” part of my wardrobe goals ie the planning.

My primary goal will be to better define what “feels stylish” to me. I feel some Pinterest time coming I will also read some of Angie's older threads in the archives.

I would greatly appreciate any tips/resources you might have.

I attached pictures of my tops and toppers

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