What is one supposed to do when one is lying in a recliner with your knee propped up post-op. Why muse on your wardrobe, of course.

So I have had a lot of time to think about all that I have learned so far from the 30 x 30 challenges and everyone's style goal posting. I have made a list of the comments that most resonated with me and have set some goals related to them.

Joy in my clothing (La Belle D). Thank you, thank you for this.
- Wear clothing that "sparks joy" physically and emotionally. Yes I know I am late to Marie Kondo thing.
- Stick to Cozy Comfort at home (Sterling)
- Explore my comfort level with "arty" clothing. I love textiles and am drawn to artistic clothes but I am an introverts and do not feel comfortable drawing lots of attention to myself although this is lessening with age Terms that resonated: Subdued Arty (SarahD8), Artistic Eclectic (Karen13), "not docent lady" (Suz), Artsy urban (Zaeobi). Maybe subdued artistic urban?

Fit, Fit, Fit- kkard, Toban, Sterling,
Goal: Stick with silhouettes that work best on my body type (pear) but that are not " fluid not sloppy" (SarahD8). Specifics: Slightly loose skimming fit in tops, slim straight leg pants.

Wardrobe Planing:
- Related to Colors: loved combo of red, black, leopard (Ms Mary). Integrating a new color into wardrobe (Angie via Bijoux)
Goal: Stick to black, grey, cognac, red with leopard accents for fall/winter + small capsule around the teal/black sweater coat I already have and love.
- Keep essentials modern (Chris987) Goal: Actually define what my essentials are!
- Streamlined wardrobe (La Belle D)
Goal: As Toban so wonderfully said define my "macro (year long) and micro (season specific) needs as it pertains to level of formality/casualness of my outfit needs" (I am smiling typing this- I feel like I am back at work. Love it). Starting with a small number of core items that I knew I loved and wore frequently then using a additive process really worked for me. I think that ~ 35-45 garments will be about right and there will be a lot of overlap with fall and early spring. I am OK with the number.

Building Outfits:
- Use of artisan jewelry and "happy shoes" (Toban). Also scarves (Katrina and Joy) Goal: Edit my jewelry and the few scarves I have to those that "spark joy". Utilize those and identify holes. Buy some non-basic shoes. Experiment more with scarves. Yay- shopping!
- Wear pattern over plain over plain over pattern (Brooklyn?) Goal: Utilize patterns in tops with plain slim tops as a uniform. If wearing 2 solids- use a pattern in accessories. Experiment with plain over pattern in spring/summer (somehow does not work for me this season)
- Mix black geometrics (Brooklyn) Goal: Try it!
- Realizing I coat like toppers (coatigans) not indoor toppers (Sterling, Bonnie) Goal: Wear the few toppers I have more. Try on different styles in the stores. More shopping- snooping this time!

Maintaining style with a limited wardrobe while losing weight (Toban is the master) Goals: Create the need to utilize Tobans knowledge by finding new exercises that I can do and enjoy. Still dance as much as my body will allow- just not all out. Get back on a healthy eating plan.

I had to cut my 30 x 30 short but clearly it was immensely useful! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

Next step will be to develop a loose wardrobe plan based on these goals. I have been madly organizing my multitudes of pins. Will post more later when completed.