Former fashion editor and sustainable style expert Hannah Rochell recently started a new website, Slowette, and accompanying Instagram account, where she reports on slow fashion and shares sustainability tips.

For February she chose movement as a theme, with articles like “How to Hire Your Clothes for an Activity Holiday,” and “Why Loungewear Is the New Activewear (and How It Takes the Pressure Off Your Workout)“.

The January issue was all about circular fashion, where she explains what it actually means, and shares 11 circular fashion brands that she loves.

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This article on “geek chic” caught L’Abeille’s eye: “It’s particularly top of mind for me because I have been glasses shopping, and I only feel like myself in “nerd glasses”.”

Aquamarine, who has always dreamed of going to Vienna, enjoyed “What Does One Wear to a Ball?

Chaotic culling” is editing your wardrobe based on feelings and instinct. Olive Green adds: “I have been doing something like this. Rather than talk myself into what a garment can or should do, it hits the donation basket. Immediately. Trusting my emotions has, indeed, been the opposite of chaotic.”

“Inclusive representation in the fashion industry still has a very long way to go,” says nuancedream after reading this article by model and body advocate Paloma Elsesser.

After seeing Sienna Miller’s Vogue cover, April muses that Anna Wintour has mellowed since the 2009 documentary The September Issue, in which she was critical of the actresses’ teeth.

Runcarla wanted to share this post addressing the perennial topic of good foundation pieces.

Suz is loving the 2022 season of the Articles of Interest podcast about the evolution of preppy style.

Jaime shares Anna Sui’s enthusiasm for vintage clothing: “There’s a whole new generation that appreciates the craftsmanship and the rarity of it all. That stuff is like treasures, and with regular retail, everybody’s got the same stuff.”