It has become tradition to ring out the Link Love year with a medley of miscellaneous links. A collection of style-related stories that didn’t quite fit into the themed Link Love posts we published throughout the year, but are worth a look anyway. Happy reading!

Fab Links from Our Members

Indigoprint has enjoyed Emily Wheatley shorts lately on “Wear vs. Style”: “She is an edgy minimalist, but her thoughts on putting an outfit together are interesting.”

kkards didn’t know much about Tom Ford, and found this article very interesting, especially how he saw himself as a designer, and his business acumen. 

Angie says the whole “shoes-on or shoes-off-at-home” debate continues to be an interesting one, especially when it comes to asking what your guests should do: “As someone who needs to wear supportive shoes all the time because of foot issues — it can be a tricky conversation! This article covers both sides of the debate reasonably well.”

Helena hopes this article on the new CEO’s direction means that Gap is going to return to its strength of creating excellent basics.

Nuancedream shares this fascinating story on how the Tyrian purple pigment was seemingly lost for centuries and recently rediscovered. She adds: “Hopefully, Tyrian purple will not succumb to the ravages of pollution and climate change.”

MsMaven found “How Come My Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore” an interesting read. Be sure to read the comments too.

J. Crew is 40 and better than ever, according to Suz: “I’ve been appreciating their return to some higher quality fabrics and some updated classics this year.”

Carol’s local McDonald’s gave her warmth whenever she missed the bus. Therefore, she would highly consider supporting their latest venture, a sweater for the season.

Runcarla enjoyed reading “How Hallmark’s Costume Designer Creates Holiday Movie Magic.”

L’Abeille found this an interesting take on the items and inspirations that go into a classic style type: “The approach is very prescriptive (You must buy these brands…) which doesn’t appeal to me at all. But the information is useful.”

Mary Beth found YouTube Creator Victoria Jin, who researched Fortuny and Issey Miyake, and created her own pleated fabric at home, in her oven!

Related to this, Ginger wanted to share her friend Merja’s recreation of one of the Fortuny “Delphos” dresses. She baked the material in the oven to set the pleats, over a curved surface. Fortuny took the secret to making the pleated silk to his grave, so all recreations of these dresses are having to invent the technique themselves. It’s amazing in motion. Look at the Morticia puddling.