A new outfit from Roz Kaur, whom we introduced to YLF in January 2023.

Breezy linen plays the main role in this ’90s-inspired Summer look. Roz is sporting on-trend co-ords consisting of a beige long-line blazer and matching Bermuda shorts. She’s paired the shorts suit with a bubblegum pink shirt that adds a playful touch. Only buttoning two buttons on the shirt so that part of the shorts’ waistband is showing, and scrunching the sleeves on both shirt and oversized blazer, add structure to the voluminous silhouette. Classic black preppy loafers bookend Roz’s dark, slick-backed hair. The black is repeated in our blogger’s trademark oversized specs and the Bonheur bag, an Instagram favourite.

Roz Kaur - 2

Roz Kaur - 1