I’ve been enjoying “Travel Week” over at Fashionista. With summer-getaway season in full swing, they’re sharing product recommendations, outfit ideas, wellness tips, packing advice, and more:

Fab Links from Our Members

April loved this article about the brand Bode: “I’m only partially biased because the photos are by one of my ‘extra sons.'”

Minaminu is delighted to read about this new approach to reduce waste, and hopes many other countries will follow!

Roberta has always had mixed feelings about expensive clothes and shoes that look ratty. This article looks at a brand that is almost couture in its fabrication, but looks like decades-old cast-offs. 

“Time to jettison that tired athleisure wear and adopt some tennis-core,” says nuancedream.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Runcarla says: “We’ve discussed this topic before, but it bears repeating — and, Susan at ‘une femme d’un certain âge’’ has articulated it particularly well.”

Suntiger directs us to this article about the smart coat revival.

Kyle enjoyed this bit of cartoon humor about Summer dressing.

She also found it interesting to read that men are getting onboard with tailoring all their clothes (not just suits).