I always enjoy outfit round-ups that show what people are wearing while going about their day (which can look very different for different people).

Fab Links from Our Members

Runcarla directs us to this article about inspirational Instagramers over 50.

Carol urges anyone who doesn’t know the Holderness Family to drop everything and watch their ballad about the return of low-rise jeans.

And this one made her laugh. She adds: “I bought an orange one for DS#2 (he uses it all the time). FWIW, he wanted one because he was getting hip/back discomfort from carrying a wallet in his back pocket. I got a navy one for myself this spring!”

Cat2 enjoyed this Vogue article: “These 13 Style Icons Make the Case for Never Changing Your Look.”

Katerina enjoys the costumes on the TV series Succession, and wanted to share this interview with costume designer Michelle Matland.

Vildy was intrigued to see that this 2×2 outfit formula has been trending on TikTok.

She also enjoyed seeing how digital creator Claudia Berresford put together an outfit with two dressy items and 2 casual items following this exact formula.