With more people going back to the office, and the need for a more polished workwear look, the trouser suit is backThis article on how to buy a timeless suit was published in the men’s style section, but many of the tips are universal. I also enjoyed this post (and the comments) on Cup of Jo: “What Pants Do You Wear to Work?“ 

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream thought that Trinny and Chloe are an absolute delight showing how to combine orange and blue.

Vildy enjoyed this video from Trinny, showing the method she uses for culling her wardrobe: “She’s done a number of these but I like this one best because it’s not haphazard and she focuses on rejecting clothes that have one or two favorite features but are all wrong in other ways. This is the method I use — though, of course, have had to keep relearning.”

The Cat liked this style quiz on Stunning Style, leading to descriptions of five different style twists. 

Suz loved this piece on non-binary workwear in which non-binary folks discuss the various ways they are dealing with office dress codes — and finding ways to show their true colours in the workplace. 

Suntiger thought that this post about how different shaped models are used to sell different types of clothes makes so much sense.

Isabel found this a fascinating and timely listen. She adds: “I learned quite a few shocking things. One being that Gen Z doesn’t know what quality actually looks like. wow! And that Shein introduced 52 seasons to clothing.”

Nemosmom loved this article about older models.