A new outfit from Alexandra Fleurisson of Mademoiselle Modeuse, whom we introduced to YLF in February 2020.

The cosy black and white aviator jacket with matching booties make this outfit for me. The white shearling lightens up the look and adds fluffy textural interest. Alexandra has tucked a lightweight turtleneck into relaxed straight cropped jeans. This lengthens the leg line from the waist up, while the top’s vertical ribbing creates further vertical integrity. Belting the jeans, and opting for a fitted top creates structure and balances out the boxy cut of the trendy aviator jacket. The bright orange adds spicy colour, which is repeated in the fiery red lip and our blogger’s red hair. Playful olive with gold earrings and a classic Louis Vuitton crossbody complete this casual cosy Winter outfit.

Mademoiselle Modeuse - 1

Mademoiselle Modeuse - 2