I’ve yet to buy one, but every Summer when temperatures start rising above 77° F, I’m seriously tempted by kaftans as a breezy loungewear option and work-from-home outfit.

Bonus: These days kaftans aren’t just for lounging around the house or covering up your swimwear anymore either, they make excellent Summer dresses for all sorts of occasions.

The Guardian posits that “the kaftan is the new political fashion statement to make.”

Alyson from That’s Not My Age has tips on where to find a good kaftan. I love the asymmetrical lines of this kimono kaftan dress she links to in her blog post.

One of my favourite images is this photo of Grace Kelly with vintage camera, sporting a Pucci kaftan.

Need inspiration on how to wear one yourself? Then have a peek at these Pinterest images.

Fab Links from Our Members

B. Jones Style and KarenBritChick are two YouTube channels that put Shevia in a good mood and remind her of the joy of dressing. She is a long-time fan of their blogs as well.

Some of you may remember that we featured Beth of B. Jones Style in our Outstanding Outfit Bloggers series 5 years ago too.

Vildy also follows KarenBritChick and likes Emma Hill’s YouTube channel as well: “Even though I have most physical characteristics opposite to her and a completely opposite style, I love her style and her terrific personality.”

Meanwhile, Joy has been enjoying the videos by Danish fashionista Signe, like this one about how to look good in loungewear.