A new outfit from Adrienne Shubin of The Rich Life (on a budget), who we introduced to YLF in April 2014.

Adrienne is wearing voluminous culottes in a soft, flowy fabric that collapses back onto the body, thus creating a more streamlined effect. Layering a fitted white cami under the cropped mesh sweater lengthens the torso which shortens the leg line. The cami is covering the waistband of the culottes, but with our blogger’s natural long leg line — Adrienne is 6’2″ — the proportions are flattering. Low-contrast flat sandals further offset the potential stump factor of the long culottes. A white leather cuff and sunnies are all that’s needed to finish off this breezy Summer look.

Adrienne Shubin - 1

Adrienne Shubin - 2