Once a fishing harbour, Sai Kung is still home to some of the best seafood in Hong Kong. It is beyond the reaches of the mass transit railway, so Angie and I might not have ventured out here if it weren’t for our Hong Kong friend Karen. She’s been coming to Sai Kung to enjoy fresh seafood since she was a little girl and wanted to share it with us. The restaurant she chose is called Loaf On. 

The main part of our meal (top to bottom and left to right below) was fish soup with tomato and potato, fresh boiled prawns, spicy abalone, razor clams, scallops and steamed grouper. It was a leisurely meal — we received each dish in turn and completed it before we moved on to the next one. That made it possible to appreciate the flavours of each course. And the flavours were spectacular. Some dishes, like the soup and the prawns, were subtle and allowed the natural flavours of the ultra fresh ingredients to shine through. Others, like the abalone and razor clams, had a more prominent support act in their sauce or seasoning.


We finished off the meal with fried noodles, green veggies (yes, I forgot the name) and some fresh pineapple. Another meal in Hong Kong that we’ll remember for a very long time.