Making big athletic sneakers work for my day-to-day look is one of my style goals for this Summer. My back and feet need the support on days when I do a lot of walking, so I’ve been looking around for inspiration on how to wear them. Here are some things I found:

Wendy Bumgardner has a series of interesting articles on good walking shoes. Her Before You Buy Walking Shoes article is particularly helpful when you are trying to figure out which shoe will work for you.

The New York Times reports that “sneakers are everywhere” and asks “Where Can’t They Go?“.

Visuals are always helpful, so I’ve collected some photo inspiration as well:

Fab Links from Our Members

Niefern informs us that you can now get a pair of custom-designed pair of shoes 3D printed to fit your feet at $900 a pair!

MuseumGal came across an interesting blog post about the exhibition Draped Down: What Makes Black Fashion Black, that explores the intersection between art and fashion.

Angie loves the length and fit of the cropped teal pants Sylvia is wearing with two styles of top and sandals. She looks perfectly on trend and chic for the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Angie also invites you to browse the Best Brows of all time. She’s going with Grace Kelly.

Comments in Angie’s thread Why do you dislike bra shopping got Laurinda thinking how silly it is to label any one fabric colour ‘nude” or provide only a single colour to blend into our skin. To show our variation, Brazilian fine art photographer Angélica Dass’ ongoing project Humanæ documents the wide range of human skin colour, and assigns a Pantone colour based on pixels in the images.

Fastkat wants to share this Washington Post article about how career dressing has evolved for women.

Sizeable, a new clothing website, will use a portfolio of six models who range from sizes 6-14 to give a more realistic idea of how an item will look on different bodies. A good idea, says Ummlila.

HiggsMistress tells us that in advance of the 2022 Football World Cup Games, Qatar has started advising travellers on acceptable dress code. They have joined in the “leggings are not pants” debate.

Vildy thinks it’s interesting how Rebecca at The Space Between My Peers has broken down Kibbe types into four main ways to use separates