Street style blogs popped up on my radar about four and a half years ago, around the same time that I discovered YLF. So many different people with very diverging style preferences, each putting together outfits that tell us something about who they are without having to say a single word. It still delights me no end. 

Over the years I’ve noticed that the outfits that really stand out to me, the ones that I file away for future reference, often fall into these five categories. Five very different categories, but all of which have at some point helped me get unstuck when I was in a bit of an outfit rut.

  1. Who’s that girl? – A look that represents a fashion persona that is decidedly not my own, but is an inspiration for being so well executed.
  2. Style detail – One element in the photo has caught my attention. It could be the luxurious fabrication or perfect drape of a midi skirt, the pocket placement on a blazer, a striking haircut… Here it’s the way the scarf has been tied (picture 3).
  3. Colour palette – It’s not the particular clothes, or even the same silhouette that I’m after. But I love the colour combination and will try to create an ensemble around these colours that is more in keeping with my own style persona. Case in point: a ton-sur-ton look in this season’s gorgeous purples and burgundies
  4. One tweak – With one small or major tweak I would feel completely happy and very me in the outfit. For example, I second Angie’s suggestion: switch out the black blouse for a crisp white button-down, and this sharp black trousers and loafers look will leave me breathless.
  5. 100% copycat-ready – A look I want to wear from head to toe right now. Strong simplicity always calls my name, and this elegant wide leg trousers suit with green trim completely fits the bill. The simple gold watch and beautiful animal print clutch in grey tones are the perfect finishing touches.

How do you use street style photos? Have you perhaps noticed certain patterns? Do you also have an inspiration “classification system” or do you go about it more randomly?

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In his second book, The Sartorialist: Closer, Scott Schuman shares a new compilation of street style images snapped all over the globe. As is his habit, he mixes action shots of famous fashion figures with photos of people from different walks of life, always with one goal in mind: “to bring him closer to the true essence of the person while still capturing them as stylish subjects”.

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