Trapeze jackets started coming through in 2006 and became all the rage in 2007. They were still popular for Spring 2008, but have taken a back seat to form fitting jackets in the second half of the year.

I welcome the return of jackets that define the natural waist because of their universally flattering integrity. There should never be a shortage of this type of jacket in stores. So does that mean that trapeze jackets are out? I don’t think so. Trapeze jackets have a vintage, retro flavour that lengthens their fashion life. I have a few examples in my wardrobe and I’m still regularly integrating them into ensembles.

By all means continue to wear trapeze jackets if you bought into the trend and fancy the look. They do not look dated and get a big fat “in” from me. If a jacket with waist definition is your preference, you’ll find plenty of those around this season too. There is something for everyone.