Voluminous cropped A-line jackets were popular for Spring and are even more so for Autumn. These boxy styles generally do little for your body shape, but there are ways of wearing them that will flatter your figure:

  • Keep it tailored on top – choose a style that’s snug on the shoulders and upper chest. It’s fine if the jacket drapes from the chest down – as long as it’s tailored on top.
  • Keep it three quarter sleeves – the jacket has better proportions this way and it will emphasize the length of your arms.
  • Keep it layered – it’s very important to wear a longer length fitted top underneath. This will draw attention to your waistline, give you shape and re-establish that long lean line that we look for.

When worn this way, these boxy cropped jackets look particularly good on curvier body types. Don’t lose your figure underneath it all – tailor and layer for shape instead.


These boxy jackets (Urban Outfitters and Gap) have tailored shoulders that are layered with longer length tops for a flattering look.