Military inspired clothing and accessories continue to be a huge trend this season. Whether it’s through hardcore decorative styles, or subtle timeless ones – all ages and body types can make this look work. You probably have military-inspired items in your wardrobe already without even realizing it.

This look can be embraced in many different ways. Much like the androgynous look, it will depend on how far you want to take it.

  • For the fashionista – if you want to truly capture this Napoleon moment in fashion, buy items like studded stacked boots, bullion embroidered jackets/coats/vests, ornamental belts and medallion chains. It is beaming brass buttons and immaculate tailoring that will make this look authentic.
  • For a more timeless look – stick to tailored double breasted coats, belted trenches and subtle pinstriped suiting with self-colour buttons. In other words, steer clear of the brass hardware. While combat pants and camouflage prints are not for everybody, they have become a mainstream military fashion statement for teenagers.

The fashion interpretation of anything “soldiery” usually amounts to multiple rows of some type of button on a garment or accessory. Salute this trend with the items that work best for you.

Decorative military coats. the two on the left (Macy’s) are for the fashionistas, and the two on the right (Nordstrom and Gap) are more timeless choices.