I could scarcely believe it, but it’s true. Nordstrom can add an inch or two to the length of your jeans by using a heat stretching process. The alterations department uses heavy duty heat presses to make the elastic component of the denim pliable. The process is continued until the desired vertical stretch is achieved.

The jeans must have an elastic component – the process won’t work on 100% cotton jeans. After lengthening, you can wash, air dry and press as normal. But you’ll undo the stretch if you machine dry.

This might be your answer to perfect pant lengths, especially if you wear heels with bootcuts. Sometimes an extra one or two inches does the trick on a petites, or regular length pair of jeans that’s a tad too short. Tall girls, this trick is fabulous for you.

My friend Stephanie has just had her Seven’s stretched two inches and she’s thrilled. Thanks for sharing this information with us, Stephanie. May this be the end of your “short jeans dilemma”. Brilliant! What would we do without Nordstrom?