I really hit a nerve with last week’s post on Crocs’ unsightly Cayman. The comments were uniformly in agreement that this shoe is, shall we say, aesthetically challenged. “Unfortunate fad”, “hideous!”, “nauseating”, and “they should be banned for their sheer ugliness” is pretty representative of the sentiment. But there were some other interesting points: there clearly is a place for these shoes in activities like “fishing and gardening”, and a couple of people pointed out that Crocs do have other styles in their range.

Then, quite by chance, we came across this article in the Wall Street Journal. It seems that Crocs Shoes are launching a rather stylish range of peds for Autumn. The collection is called “You by Crocs” and their mission is to:

Create a new shoe experience where both comfort and fashion are inseparable

There is no doubt that aesthetically this collection is leaps and bounds ahead of the current Crocs range. This gives me a sense of relief and hope.  But the proof remains in the pudding; will these fashionable shoes actually be comfortable?  It’s yet another company trying to fill the huge gap in the women’s footwear market (that of supplying an affordable, fashionable and comfortable shoe).

I leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding comfortable shoes that also look fab. This means that I’ll be testing You by Crocs in September the moment they’re available in stores. I’m curious to know which “hour-mark” they’ll make. Judging by the height of the heel, probably nothing past 4 hours, but I hope to be proved wrong.