I was so impressed with the comfort level, price and look of these 8-hour wedge heels that I went back and bought a second pair. They are a dream! The elasticized top is extremely soft, forgiving to both wide and narrow feet, and bunion-friendly. Their two inch, imitation cork wedge heel gives you a current fashion look, and height if you need it. I’ve put them through their paces (many 8-hour shopping days with clients) without a blister in sight. Unless you need arch support, these shoes are worth a try.

They’re perfect with jeans, shorts and casual skirts/dresses. Kick the look up a notch by painting your toenails a fun colour. What’s not to love for $49.95.

Lia Bijou 'Amanda' Slide (Black)Lia Bijou 'Amanda' Slide (Red)Lia Bijou 'Amanda' Slide (Fuchsia)

Lia Bijou wedge heels are available in an assortment of colours. I’ve only seen them at Nordstrom.