Finding a pair of fashionable, affordable and comfortable shoes remains a challenge. It’s especially problematic in Summer when shoes are strappy, unsupportive and generally less soothing on the soles. Closed shoes tend to be more comfy (at least when we pad them up with insoles they can be).

I like to grade a shoe by the amount of time that you can walk in them. “8-hour shoes” are shoes that you can walk around in comfortably the whole day. 8-hour shoes do not pass the grade if you wear them the whole day sitting at your desk. In order to qualify, you need to put a pair of shoes through their paces, which means running errands,  shopping, commuting on foot, watching children and running around at work. Below are styles that have been tried and tested the full 8 hours (either by myself or by my clients) and pass with flying colours. I hope that you derive as much joy from these painless shoe options as I have. Who says that you can’t rush around in style when you have fussy feet!

Onex Puffy Indigo by Clarks Lorraine Franco Sarto Portal

Onex wedge mules (these shoes are as soft as butter), Clarks espadrilles and Franco Sarto metallic sandals.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Seasonal Converse All Star Deluxe Mary Jane Ox Me Too Natty

Converse All Stars (my favourite shoe to run around in), Converse Mary Janes and Me Too peep toe flats (especially good for wide feet).