Red, white and blue colour combinations are often viewed as American, yet I perceive this combination to be French (perhaps because I lived in France before coming to the United States). In fact, red, white and blue hues are also representative of the British, Dutch and Australian flags.

Sometimes the colour I associate with a country is the national colour. I’m Dutch by nationality, and although the flag is red, white and blue, orange is the Dutch national colour. The Netherlands is a monarchy that is governed by members of the House of Oranje-Nassau (where Oranje is Dutch for orange). Of course, the fact that Dutch national sports teams wear orange is probably what keeps the association alive.

Sometimes the country-colour association is a combination of these factors, or something else completely. I associate Kelly green with Ireland, antique pink with England, earth tones with Africa and red with China.

In honour of Independence Day, I‘ll be wearing a red, white and blue ensemble, feeling sporty and American instead of classic and French. Enjoy the holiday!

American Flag