The bra baby is a “revolutionary new washing system that protects your finest intimate apparel from the wear and tear of the washing machine”. It’s like a hard, plastic, oval egg shell that encages the bra and prevents it from being squashed, stretched and agitated during washer/dryer spin cycles.

This sounds like a good idea for the washing machine, but I’d still refrain from putting my bras in the dryer. Elastic does not like excessive heat no matter how well you protect it on the outside. The heat causes elastic fibers to contract and then break down, making them lose their elasticity (which is also why we should never tumble dry our jeans).

Good bras can cost up to $90 a piece and caring for them is essential. At $19.95 for two, the bra baby might be worth the expense (as long as you continue to hang-dry your bras).  I’ve been using the bra bag for years, but perhaps it’s time to update the way I baby my bras. Have you tried the bra baby? If so, leave a comment and let us know how it worked out.

The Bra Baby The Bra Baby The Bra Baby