Mango’s commercial runway looks at reality prices have arrived in Washington! Its location is on the ground floor of the Belle Square Mall in Bellevue. I went there a few days after their grand opening and was greatly impressed. Their store concept and standard of clothing is identical to any one of their branches around the world.

Their trendy and elegant collections remain extremely affordable. I had assumed that Mango’s clothing in America would be more expensive then what they offered in Europe – but the prices seem the same. Their sizes remain small regardless of what is indicated in the size label. Remember that European stores seldom have stock rooms, so if your size is not there, they won’t have it. The company’s philosophy is to keep their clothing exclusive which is why they only bring in about 8 of a style across 4 to 5 sizes. I was already frustrated to find that they had run out of my size in styles that I liked after only 2 days. However, the store replenishes its collections weekly, which always gives you a reason to buy something else!

Mango is planning to open a store in downtown Seattle within a year. It’s well worth a look if you fancy sophisticated high fashion that won’t break the bank.