It’s important to wear the right type of shoe for the shape of your ankle when you are wearing a skirt, dress or walk shorts. Women with fine boned ankles will look best in shoes with dainty ankle straps. A strap enclosing the ankle draws attention to it, making ankle straps an unflattering option for sturdier, less shapely ankles.

The shape of your ankle has nothing to do with your height, weight, or size. If you are a plus-size woman with bony ankles – by all means wear shoes with ankle straps. On the other hand, if you are slim with thicker ankles, it’s best to opt for shoes that don’t have ankle straps.

Because we reveal our ankles more in summer, we have to be particularly mindful of how we dress them. Ladies with less shapely ankles have more options in winter when we tend to cover our ankles up for warmth.


Fine ankles will look great in the Anne Klein sandal on the left, but sturdier ankles will be better off in the Kate Spade slingback on the right (both options available at