The white shirt is my number one must have for your wardrobe this season. Irrespective of your age, height, size or body type, you’ll be able to make this item work for your own personal style. Unlike the usual mantra that “a white shirt is a basic that everyone should have” – it’s actually a big fashion statement this season and not a basic at all.

As with all our clothing and accessories, it’s the combinations that will make the difference. There are different shirt lengths to choose from this season – anything from hipbone to knee length will be available. When it comes to your white shirt, think “out of the box”. Here are a few new suggestions:

  • Tuck it in (if it’s tailored enough) and combine it with a skinny belt
  • Leave it hanging out and pop over a wide waist belt
  • Wear a fitted waistcoat over a standard or knee length version
  • Layer a lacy camisole underneath your shirt and wear a sleeveless pullover or cardigan on top of that
  • Wear a tight, printed baby t-shirt over your white shirt for a bit of extra spunk
  • Pop it underneath a sleeveless black shift or A-line dress
  • Consider it underneath a black corset if you are truly daring
  • Keep it modernly classic underneath a tailored black jacket or completely on it’s own

A white shirt combined with a black layer will give you the best effect. Alternative colour combinations are certainly an option – but black and white remains most stylish this season. I personally have 4 white shirts in my wardrobe because one is just not enough.

These fancy white shirts are available from Nordstrom, but you’ll be just as stylish if you layer a fairly plain version from the Gap or Express.