It seems ridiculous to think about winter woolies, coats and boots in sweltering summer temperatures; yet it’s the perfect time to contemplate the season that lies ahead. Retail stores in the northern hemisphere offer their fullest and finest autumn and winter collections from August to October. It’s therefore best to dive in while selections are abundant.

Before decisions can be made as to which trends will work for you, it’s imperative to understand what they are:

  • Black, black, black – is this season’s most important fashion colour.
  • Black, white, grey and red combinations – will liven up the somberness of a very dark palette.
  • Menswear suiting – is ultra feminine when tailored to perfection and worn with the highest of heels.
  • Horizontal jailbird striping – in jersey and knitwear is most effective in two tones.
  • Romantic blouses or “girly tops” – are still one of the prettiest and most versatile items of the season.
  • Waistcoats and vests – are especially androgynous in grey and black pinstripe suiting.
  • Brocade outerwear – is rich and luxurious in a season of black.
  • Oversized welted knitwear – is flattering in delicate fabrics that show off the contour of your pretty shoulders.
  • Grandpa sweaters – are best when belted at the waist.
  • Military coats and jackets – are serious yet sophisticated when combined with shiny metallic buttons.
  • Biker jackets – can be “cool” when contrasted with ladylike blouses.
  • Nylon body warmers (sleeveless jackets) – add an urban edge to any outfit.
  • Bell or bubble knee length skirts – are elegant in drapy fabrics that lie flat against the body.
  • Tartan and hounds tooth checks (plaids) – are funky when styled in cropped peplum jackets, walk shorts, pencil skirts, bags and shoes.
  • Sack dresses – are best when worn over jeans, skinny pants or leggings like a school uniform.
  • Leggings – are more like footless opaque tights and worn most stylishly underneath skirts and dresses.
  • Skinny jeans and pants – are a good idea if you want to tuck then into your boots.
  • Cheetah and zebra printed anything – is a classy statement if you limit it to one item in your outfit at once.
  • Wide waisted belts – will instantly pop anything that you had last season into this one.
  • Army boots – are back for comfort and contrast.
  • Ankle booties – make their debut as the “shoe of the season”.

There is lots of newness to absorb because Autumn 2006 marks a watershed change in fashion. Changes in silhouette as dramatic as these are only seen every decade. Stay tuned on how to best adopt the above trends for your body type and lifestyle. Keep those fashion feet moving!