Having done your closet cleanup, it is now time for some re-organization. You should have been left with 4 piles of clothes:

  • A pile to donate – consider donating to non-profit organizations like Dress for Success or the Salvation Army. Pass clothing that is the incorrect size or colour to family and friends who you feel might benefit.
  • A pile to have altered – get these items off to a tailor quickly.
  • A pile to store away – all outdated designer and vintage pieces should be kept because fashion repeats itself. You might not be able to wear them now, but you will again at some point. Store away items like your wedding dress, and other sentimental garments that you can’t bear to part with but cannot wear. Box them to protect them from moths.
  • A pile to keep – these are the “cherries” that made it into your new, regimented closet system.

The first step to creating a happy, efficient and comfortable personal dressing environment is to arrange the appropriate storage space and invest in the correct storage aids. Most of us are not blessed with lavish walk in wardrobes and have to make do with the cupboards we have. Not to worry – there are storage solutions for everything! The most important aspect to create in your closet is visibility – you cannot shop in your closet if you cannot see and access things easily. This goes for underwear, socks, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, gloves and handbags as well.

Before we can slot our wardrobe into a system, we’ll need the right tools:

  • Hanging space
  • Different types of hangers
  • Shelving space
  • Drawers and drawer dividers
  • Shoe racks or shoe files
  • A belt rack, necklace rack
  • Transparent boxes
  • Jewelry storage vessels (a very personal choice)
  • A full length mirror

The above items are inexpensive to buy and can make the world of difference to your daily dressing ritual. Once you have the correct supplies, you’ll be able to follow a simple system. Stay tuned for how an efficient clothing system can positively influence the way you dress!


Hangers (30 for $17) and shoe rack ($24.99) from Target.


Drawer dividers ($14.99 a pair) and tie, belt, cap, or necklace rack ($19.99) from Bed Bath & Beyond.