Accessorizing with style isn’t easy, especially when it comes to wearing necklaces and earrings. It used to be simple – when you saw a necklace with matching earrings (or vice versa), you assumed that they were to be worn together. This is not always the case. Here are a few guidelines:

  • One or the other – chunky necklaces should not be worn together with chunky earrings.
    • Dangly, chandelier style earrings are enough of a statement of their own. Refrain from wearing anything around your neck when you wear these.
    • Chunky neck pieces look best with dainty studs, delicate drop styles or extremely small hoops.
  • Matching sets – matching earring and necklace sets are pretty but have a tendency to look dowdy if you are not over 55. By all means buy them as a set and then separate them when you wear them. 
  • Adding your spectacles – don’t wear dangly chunky earrings if you wear glasses. Wear small studs or nothing at all. Wearing a chunky necklace with specs is absolutely fine.

There are exceptions to every rule. But if you adhere to the tips above, chances are high that you’ll be accessorized correctly.