With dress codes at work becoming more casual, the tendency to “under dress” is rife. While, arriving at a beach party in a suit and heels is clearly the wrong attire. Having style also has to do with dressing appropriately for an occasion. Overdressed people often look out of place, but then so do those that make no effort.

Consider the following:

  • Overdressing is the safer option – if you are unsure of the dress code for a particular occasion (even if it’s a dinner party with friends), it’s always a better to overdress. Not only is it respectful to your host, but who doesn’t want to be the best dressed person in the room.
  • Good grooming is imperative – be well groomed when you wear casual clothing. Casual dressing is no excuse for looking sloppy, wrinkled or unclean.
  • Watch the accessories – accessories are key to making you look either overdressed or underdressed. Dress them down for a casual occasion and dress them up for a more formal one. Pay particular attention to your shoes – heels will always be dressier.  

It’s important to understand the difference between being “polished” and being “dressed up”. Done up hair, too much make-up, and over accessorizing is distasteful, but a polished look is perfect for every occasion.