Nothing articulates your sense of style better then your choice of accessories. Unlike most women, shoes are not my favourite accessory – bags are. They effortlessly pop a boring outfit into the next season. They are practical and don’t always need to be expensive. What is not to love about bags?

Despite an abundance of variation, bags can be classified. Here’s the way I do it:

  • Tote – a large bag with fairly short handles that you can either hold with your hands or carry on your shoulder
  • Hobo – a large or small soft bag that slouches when you hold it
  • Shopper – a casual tote usually made out of canvas with additional zips and compartments on the outside
  • Messenger or Sling – a large or small bag with a long strap that can be slung over your shoulder and across your front
  • Hard handle – a small bag with hard handles that you hold on to
  • Satchel – a horizontal bag with many outsize zips and pockets
  • Duffel – a cylindrical shaped bag with handles
  • Frame – a rigid boxy bag that has a metal frame inside of it with straps of any length
  • Clutch – a small slim bag that is meant to be clutched with your fingers
  • Wristlet – a very small bag with a handle that loops around your wrist
  • Mini – a very small bag that is a version of any of the above

There is no such thing as “one useful bag that fits all”. There are many occasions that deserve a specific bag. As you acquire a bag collection, you’ll need to become disciplined about swapping them out when necessary – perhaps even daily. It’s therefore best to keep the contents to a minimum!

       Tote                             Hobo                            Shopper
     Wristlet                                                  Clutch
  Satchel                            Frame                            Messenger