If you dislike wearing thongs (g-string underwear) like I do, you’ll be happy to know that there is a thong out there that’s more than bearable. The brand is called “hanky panky”, and after a few minutes of having it on, I had completely forgotten my concerns of discomfort. It’s made of stretch lace and is “one size fits all”. It has a 100% cotton gusset and you can select either the high or low rise option. The high rise option worked well with my low rise pants, which was surprising.

I’m not a complete convert – I still prefer my boy shorts underwear – but after giving the hanky panky a grueling trial it’s definitely the thong that I would recommend for ensuring that those panty lines remain invisible. You’ll find this brand of underwear at any department store.

The hanky panky thong in an assortment of colours from Nordstrom.