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1038 19 hours ago by goldenpig

Who's Who?

276 1 week ago by smiles33

Welcome to the YouLookFab forum

5 1 year ago by Vildy

Welcome to "General"

Recent Conversations

Culotte pattern for the seamstresses out there

45 1 hour ago by Diane G

My big Seattle adventure! (Long and pic heavy!)

24 2 hours ago by lyn67

Style Journey - What’s Next for Me? (Another XXXL)

11 4 hours ago by Inge

Please post your Weekly Links here!

5 4 hours ago by Inge

Angie shout-out on Colour Me Happy

40 18 hours ago by Style Fan

What I did on my SSIF birthday weekend! VERRA LONG with pics!!

25 20 hours ago by bj1111

Seattle Take Two With Debbie & BJ1111

62 1 day ago by AJ

Seattle Shoptember Inge Fest Cocktail Shindig

32 1 day ago by karymk

Ingefest day 2

12 1 day ago by rabbit

WTheyW to SSIF

24 2 days ago by bj1111

I did it! No Shopping for 1 Month!

10 2 days ago by Lynne

Someone had a fanny pack HeWI...

3 2 days ago by shevia

Spring-Summer 2015 favourite shows?

48 2 days ago by crutcher

What's your wildcard this fall?

22 2 days ago by crutcher

She knit her own wedding dress

19 2 days ago by bostonsmama

people noticing

10 2 days ago by Ummlila

Soliciting swimsuit advice (there will be no photos)

30 3 days ago by Meli

Roll Call: Where are the wardrobe minimalists?

16 3 days ago by alaskagirl

Question for all the talented sewing Fabbers...

23 3 days ago by Angie

Inge-Fest: Lunch, Day 2

16 3 days ago by Gem

I might be a lady pirate

52 3 days ago by Lynne

Happy Birthday Magical Mary

26 3 days ago by AJ

Inge-fest, day 1

94 4 days ago by Marmee

TIMETABLE: Seattle Shoptember Inge Fest

31 4 days ago by Gigi

Analyzing last year's "uncertain" purchases (long)

35 5 days ago by Joyce B

Happy New Year!

15 5 days ago by christieanne

Environmental norms @ work

5 5 days ago by Diana

how does Nordie's backorder work?

15 5 days ago by TraceyLiz65

F21 has upped its game!

9 6 days ago by katherinewatsonus

Hello Everyone

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