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Chat about fashion and style.
998 1 hour ago by KayteHam

Who's Who?

253 2 days ago by KayteHam

Welcome to the YouLookFab forum

5 1 year ago by Vildy

Welcome to "General"

Recent Conversations
8 37 minutes ago by Ummlila

Please post your Weekly Links here!

13 43 minutes ago by Liz

Cardigan or Jacket?

25 1 hour ago by Urbanfae

YLF Challenge Chain: E Challenges Windchime!

57 3 hours ago by Gaylene

Angie facebook quote

44 4 hours ago by lyn67

On Creating a Large, Functional Wardrobe (eta to add current closet pics)

55 6 hours ago by Zapotee

Any users of "velvet" hangers?

11 13 hours ago by Jesusyoung

Skype Calls: What to wear

13 16 hours ago by SarahTheWhite

In the spirit of Colbie Caillat...

14 20 hours ago by Echo

Fell in love...

37 1 day ago by rachylou

Kisses From Seattle

31 1 day ago by unfrumped

Culling reconsidered (pt. III of II)

16 1 day ago by Alassë

The 216-item wardrobe

18 1 day ago by Lisa

DH Closet Challenge Recap-Week 36 (9 months)

11 1 day ago by Mo

Wardrobe numbers.

22 1 day ago by modgrl

I NAS'd! I maybe found my coat!

26 1 day ago by Lisa

On purging - this time for real

22 1 day ago by Lisa

I wore an article of clothing out

21 1 day ago by Alexandra

Buying or Wearing, which thrills you more!

8 1 day ago by Kari

Meet Orange County (CA) in early November?

11 2 days ago by jackiec

New and going to start a capsule wardrobe

36 3 days ago by Mona

Gananoque Mini-Meet

108 3 days ago by Angie

A VERY Special YLF Gathering is Happening in September

15 3 days ago by Sterling

Do you always follow PPP?

42 3 days ago by Isabel

Some culling of my own (pt. II of II)

42 3 days ago by Vicki

Some culling of my own (pt. I of II)

11 3 days ago by E

Wardrobe Update: Style shifts, comfort and making it work (long)

62 3 days ago by Vicki

The importance of the rear view

52 4 days ago by Mo

Tired of minimalism? How about a three-story closet w/ champagne bar?

45 4 days ago by rabbit

On purging... or not.

13 4 days ago by rabbit

Sometimes those bloggers can't afford it

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