Here is a little thread that you can favorite and save for future reference.
How to play:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

Now, thank yous:

First of all, Angie and Greg - Thanks for creating this forum and bringing together these fashionable and fun-loving ladies.

To all those who played along, a big, heartfelt thank you (in alphabetical order):

Aida, Amiable,Astrid, Aubergine,
Carter, Ceit, Celia, Day Vies, Deb, Dee, Diana, E, Elizabeth P, Firecracker, Goldenpig, Hestonian, Hil, Isis, Jenava, Jewell, Jjsloane, Joy, Karie, La Belle Demimondaine, Laura, lyn67, MandipaM, Marin, Marley, MaryK, Mo, Neel, Ornella, Parsley, Peacechick, Rae, RunCarla, SaraL., Shevia, Sona, Suz, Tracina, VenusCow, Zapotee

Thanks to those who cheered us from the sides, but particularly to MandipaM, Suz, E, Firecracker, Tracina, Sara L., Karie, and Neel. You were very kind to individually comment on the participants' outfits.

Feel free to post your week's worth of outfits (or links to your threads) here.