Fastkat, It’s been good getting to know you a bit more while reading through your posts. As a nurse with two boys, you are juggling a lot of responsibilities, and need to dress to meet a variety of specialized situations, like a book club where denim wasn't allowed and an indoor party. I think Suz once commented on how some of these in-between casual and nice dressing events can be very tricky and I agree! I've also noticed your supportive cheer-leading on a lot of posts.

One thing I've noticed is that you wear bold color very well, and live in a hot climate where this is in line with your environment also. You have a beautiful teal dress, a great hot pink jacket, and you mentioned that turquoise is the best color on you. You also mentioned that you like cobalt, dark pink and berry.

You also noted that you would like to accessorize more, but don’t feel as confident about it. So I have two possible challenges for you. Feel
free to pick the one that speaks to you most.

1) Show us three outfits that highlight and are built around bold color. It can be one color or several, but the goal is outfits where the color makes you feel energized and happy.

2) Create a simple outfit, a FFBO outfit is fine, of a top, bottom and possibly a topper. Then accessorize this outfit three different ways including shoes. Consider including any of the following if you wish: jewelry, bags, scarfs, belts, and alternate toppers. Think about where and when the altered versions of the outfit might be worn (more formal evening, day, casual outdoors, etc.), but mostly just have fun experimenting and discovering.

Then show us your pics!

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