Hi YLFers --

I'm dipping my toes back into the YLF pond after 6+ months of very limited participation due to intensified health issues that led me to exploratory abdominal surgery this winter -- and finally, an answer to 2 decades of misdiagnosis/pain!*

Feels weird to have the mental and physical energy to think about clothes/style again after quite a while of...not, ha!

  • I had grand plans to share a few outfits back when I was off work for 2 weeks after surgery but I think that was the meds talking. [ETA So 3+ months later, I dug out the camera....]
  • Much of the PNW got hot in February, (go figure) but due to budget and all the life goings-on I've just been recycling whatever didn't squash incisions/pressure points.
  • Unfortunately my "hey I'm jacked up" capsule involves a lot of nondescript, basic modern classic outfits and my dramatic side has been underfed.
  • I was pretty blah about summer stuff until I found a few new things that made my Persnickety Bohemian side happy. Mixed here with older items.

Thanks for keeping the forum lights on and happy summer to those who celebrate vs roast!

Sparing you the super-bland that's been on the menu more often than not and sharing a few of my ain't dead yet attempts.


Photos 1-2: Bluebird of happiness top + knit skirt work for date, weekend, and work. Yes, it bugs me that skirt's print isn't matched in back but for $20 trying to let it go.

Photo 3: Dip dye tunic aka The Diaper Dress + jeans that are photographing darker than IRL...also worn with medium blue denim pencil skirt and cut-offs) Predictably my hairdresser loved this and Mr Vix hated it!

Photo 4: Slightly less staid version of my jersey skirt/dress + cardigan uniform

*Instead of "stress," "gluten intolerance" or a ferret gnawing its way out of my stomach turns out (pathology-confirmed) endometriosis was to blame for many a woe.* So with excision plus a problem-child ovary and appendix gone my quality of life is beyond improved.

Qs? Happy to serve as a resource via PM or refer folks to two closed endo education Facebook groups: Nancy's Nook or Endometropolis.