I started taking pics of my outfits Mon-Wed #1-3, then realized I'd worn 3 white&blue outfits in a row, lol, so I've decided to make a white&blue themed post.

On Wed. sales month started. I'm usually shopped out by that time, but this week I went shopping and bought 3 tops...none of them on sale, of course
2 more striped tops (White/blue #4, and white/black) !
and a sleeveless linen top ! #5 - unsure if I'm keeping that one.

Sooo, I think I need to take a deep breath. Pause. Take stock of what I have.

[ Here's the situation. You don't have to read on, I suspect this will be long and boring to read, but I need to clarify things in my head :

1-Spring :
I wear suits again.
I have a cotton suit bought last year #6, and this year I added 2 identical Theory suits in summer wool (great fabric for transitional weather!), one navy #7, one grey.
I feel professional in them + they're super easy to style = now I want one for every work day.
I have tops and shoes to go with them. Trenchcoat. Umbrella. Sorted.

2-Cold Summer :
I wear cotton trousers and shirts at work.
Breton tops and cropped jeans at weekends.
I've grown quite fond of the shape of trousers like #3-4 : large hips, tapered ankles. The high waist is tricky, but comfy.
Problem here : shoes.
Half my shoes are tan or cream, and I don't feel like wearing light coloured shoes anymore. Plus, most are closed and feel too hot. I'm looking for replacements, vainly so far.

3-Hot Summer :
A bit frustrared with that wardrobe. I hate the heat anyway.
Dresses feel good, when I find the odd one that fit and look appropriate for work #8. Didn't find any this year, so I tried linen culottes instead #1. Breezy, but hard to style.

Conclusion : because I'm not satisfied with some categories : summer shoes, hot weather clothes, I'm tempted to keep on shopping. Very unlikely that I'll find anything but sandals and beach dresses in store at the moment, so I'd better stop ]

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