A combination of being #teamwear intensely with new items, and also liking to experiment with variations on a theme meant I wore a lot of white jean (mostly Aeropostale jeggings) outfits in the last two weeks.

All feedback or tweak ideas welcome!

#1 An Angie color ensemble: http://youlookfab.com/2015/08/.....nge-white/ haven't yet quite figured out the bag to go with these hair calf boots. I usually default to dark brown or white, but what do you suggest I look for? I'm thinking a warm camel?

#2 another Angie ensemble, this time equestrian plaid http://youlookfab.com/2016/02/.....aid-boots/ have also done this with lower contrast gray or navy jeans, but wanted to try white at least once. Not sure about it without the jacket though because I feel like it's a lot of white thigh and butt.

#3 red, white and plaid. I particularly like the silver buckles these boots have with the plaid jeans, not sure why.

#4 double leopard with new to me thrifted silk H&M blouse. I used a burgundy/brown clutch today when I wore this without the coat.

#5 feeling vaguely Napoleonic war in this. http://www.napolun.com/mirror/.....s_1815.jpg introducing white to the navy/orange duo. Also without the coat and with leopard booties.

#6 haven't worn this yet out and about but will, inspired by Tanya's pastels. New to me thrifted Brooks Brothers short sleeve top.

#7 more experimentation with layering the button up top, this time all navy and white. Was quite happy once I wore this to the MAC counter and got a new red lipstick.

#8 white with black leather jacket and various bags. which do you prefer?

#9 testing this out, I haven't worn it yet, and it needs help. Trying out Angie's ensemble http://youlookfab.com/2016/02/.....nim-skirt/ In the mirror I thought I should have the shirt-tails show and the orange top tucked under, now I'm thinking no - maybe the shirt should be tucked. Plus I kind of want less wrinkling to show through the orange shell - so it might just not work. Maybe with the white shirt tucked and the navy sweater in #7 instead though...

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