I had lots and lots of different outfits planned for this week, and my plans were to try some of those at least. And snap. And post.

But the weekend came
I wore - for the very first time - the new Clarks Viveca Zeal sandals (bought the day before - I love their name!)
I did not want to take them off.

So, I simply decided to try them with ever thing I could think of, to see if they work with all he things I want to wear them with. Which is pretty much all my of my wardrobe (keepers, holding zone, pass-ons, everything), because - remember - I said I never wanted to take them off.

I am not sure how come I never saw these sandals before as I was at the shop several times during my long summer sandal search, but whatever the reason - they had found me at the right moment. I was becoming desperate about my summer shoe capsule.

If I had to write a product review, here is what I would say:
Flat sandals do not come much better than these. The soft, cushioned flat sole is perfect for this type of sandal - substantial enough to give protection, but makes you feel like you're walking on clouds. Tiny heel gives just enough elevation to provide excellent back support compared to completely flat shoe. My favourite part are the straps - although I am not keen when toes are very exposed, these sandals have it all perfectly balanced with the two crossed straps which keep the toes neatly and securely on the soles. As my feet can be seen as slightly wider than average, I find this design element spot-on.
The back detailing in nude colour leather gives more support for the foot. The sandals are playful, fun, comfortable just like my Birkenstocks but sit nicely between casual and dressy categories - which is exactly what I needed.

The theme
This week I wanted to explore the options of wearing the new sandals with different types of outfits or silhouettes.

  • Monday - with super-old dress pulled out from the holding zone. I wanted to see the sandals in sort of Beth-inspired outfit. Desperately need new LBD.
  • Tuesday - just a perfect day... lots of white. Left the house, met the neighbour who was walking the dog; the dog said hello a.k.a woof and left a nice paw stain on my pristine white jeans.
  • Wednesday - super casual. I love this top very much although it is unflattering on me (I would prefer the stripes distribution to be exactly opposite), but the texture and the make are great and the cotton is breathable and lovely to wear. And I totally ignore the stripes "issue" because the joy of wearing this top erases any concern of unflattery.
  • Thursday - Long white linen tunic and bright linen scarf. Taken at the end of the day so the matching lipstick is gone by this point. Although the white linen is not too thin to actually make my bra visible, I preferred to be safe and wore scarf for additional coverage at the office.
  • Friday - new black skirt (cotton), old black top. Dainty necklace, old gift from a dear friend. Easy peasy.

I wish I bought the identical white sandals too when they still and my size, but two pairs at once seemed extravagant at that moment and I was not in need of white footwear. Keeping an eye on them in case they go on sale, as my budget could recover a bit easier in such scenario.

Thanks for your time. Feel free to comment, critique, suggest or simply say hello