I was very motivated to come up with August challenge for myself after reading carter's thread. I find that the discipline and focus of any challenge I did in the past helped me move forward with more clarity, has greatly increased my appreciation of my wardrobe and best of all - made getting dressed even more fun.

I'll keep it simple this time - my challenge is just to post more WIWs as weekly round-ups, just like I used to do before.

All outfits are worn to work. I work in a very casual environment, which translates to having freedom to follow my idea of how and why (not) to dress for workplace. What I wear is a way of saying I respect myself and my workplace, I can balance being serious and having fun, and while I put effort in my appearance, it is not high maintenance and I can get on with my job. My outfits are practical and reflect my personality through subtle details which make me happy.

Without much further ado, the outfits come next, the descriptions are below.

Thanks for your time and feel free to add any comments and suggestions.

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