Here's some of the casual hot weather outfits I've been wearing the past two months. I don't have time at the moment to create my usual collages but I think these show enough of each outfit on their own. Some of these I've already posted and some I'm hoping to still post to my YLF blog, but in case I don't at least I've got them all gathered up here.

I put these in order of outside warmth, starting with cooler then going to warmer plus two dress days (I don't wear them that often, even when it's hot, although they are certainly great for hot days when my brain isn't working). These were worn to a wide mix of things -- some for work, some on the weekend, and some were more gear-centric active-casual needs (like hitting the driving range in #2, or gardening in #15). Because I was so pumped that it worked, I must share that #17 was successfully (!!) modified for evening to head out to a casino with friends: swapped the vest for a lace moto, put on the blush sparkly flats from #4/6, and grabbed a silver clutch. I was fairly happy in all of these, though #9 felt a bit "off" and #1 felt a little too sloppy.

We've got (at least!) two weeks of unseasonably hot weather coming (80+), so I'm sure I'll be able to do a similar post sooner rather than later. Today it is almost 90F/32C and I am wearing #14, feeling very happy and comfortable

As always, comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT to future selves: I've since added a "header" photo so these are easy for me to spot when searching for outfits; so don't forget that all number references prior to my second reply are shifted by one!

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