Wow, just wow. You really have warm weather dressing sorted and each outfit is fun and has interesting details. That's what jumped out at me, while the prints and colors are lovely, the details on the pieces, especially the varying hemline lengths and styles, really vary up your looks. Bravo!

Love these! I'm thinking I really need to up my graphic tee game. Many of my favorite outfits on you are the graphic tees.

Thanks Debbie, Lisa, and Sara! What a lovely surprise to see your comments ^^

Debbie, too bad the dress is gone in your size, I bet it would look amazing on you.

Lisa, hah thanks very much. It's been a slow process to get to this point, but I am so happy with my approach now. Those devilish details become more and more important with these very simple casual items, so I do go out of my way to make sure that every casual item has at least some thing.

Sara, I'm a newer-ish convert to graphic tees. In an ideal world I'd wear pretty printed woven blouses made from natural fibers... but in reality I need garments that can play hard outside with me and launder easily. So tees it is