In the spirit of sharing WIWs...

I snapped this quick Photo 1 as I was getting ready to go out to dinner to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary the other night. I had intended to post it on the forum and ask if the pattern mixing was too wacky but...I ended up wearing it that night so I guess it wasn't too wacky for me! You may still vote Nay of course but just a warning that your Nay will no longer prevent me from ever wearing the combo!

(Usual disclaimers about my outfit photo skills...the proportions were much better in person.)

Photo 2 is a close-up of the skirt (silk, pink with multicolor paisley print, you've seen this piece -- pattern-mixed, even! -- before) and top (silk, blue foulard print, new to my closet this summer). What made the pattern mix work to my eye, I think, is that both garments are made of the same material (silk), they have similar prints (paisley and foulard) but at a different scale, there is some color relationship (there's some blue in the skirt print) but the all-blue pattern of the top acts as a bit of a false plain. That's my story!

Since the photos above are a quick try-on version with my house flip-flops, here's how I accessorized the outfit in Photo 3: silver tassel sandals, short-sleeve Aran cardi, tan cross-body, silver and silver/black enamel bangles, short silver chain with teardrop-shaped purple abalone pendant. 

Photo 4 is a collection of other pieces I was considering to wear that night. The blue foulard top with the linen mini was too everyday. Both the blue and the lavender top with the black A-line midi seemed too "nice" or expected. This is a pitfall for me with dressy clothes -- I don't have what I would call an edgy style in general but I find that without some kind of edginess or juxtaposition dressy outfits feel too ladylike or ingenue to be authentic to me. This is something I'm thinking a bit about as my dressy capsule has never been in very good shape. On the one hand my lifestyle/environmental norm is very casual; on the other hand I like dressing up and am game for *making* occasions. But it's becoming clear to me that it's not just a matter of acquiring dressy pieces but thinking through how I'm going to put them into outfits.

The other thing that occurred to me is that I currently have a bee in my bonnet about combining boho tops with traditional/cabled knitwear for fall, and this outfit is actually a warm-weather version of that. Fun!

Ok, that was a lot for one thrown-together outfit! Grateful for any thoughts you care to share, advice about dressy capsules/outfits, pattern mixing philosophy, and so on.

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