I SO want to take outdoor pictures of my outfits! Alas, with the freeze we have right now it is not going to happen any time soon - even if I get home when it is still light So sorry for the quality of the indoor evening pictures, this is all I can do for now.
pic 1
I tried Angie's light grey and white ensemble -sans the light blue as my winter wardrobe does not have any.
These are new Gap grey jeans - the same ones Suz has. Unfortunately I wore them to work that day and then noticed that there is a defect on one of the seams - the threads are pulling apart. I will try to exchange for another pair, let's see if Gap stands behind its products.
pic 2
I am so happy I got the Lands End Chalet puffer in Tall this year. It is long enough to cover the tops of my tall boots and provides enough insulation so I can wear skirts with sheer hose to work. Of course if I had to commute for 40 min in this freezing weather it would be not enough but for driving in and a short 10 min walk it is quite sufficient to keep me warm.
I usually do not wear scarves indoors for the last couple of years - they feel "too much" for me - but somehow I felt like scarf wearing here.
pic 3
I did get asked at work if I am going riding that day I don't care as I really like the look. The consigned BCBG blazer is black with faux leather sleeves and Gap merino t-neck is navy.
pic 4
Tried to pair my long grey gilet with a grey pencil skirt and quite liked the proportions here. I felt that I need to add some white into the mix but a scarf felt like too much so I went with this necklace (even though I don't wear them often now). Looking at the picture in the evening I think that this chunky necklace may have been too much and I should have worn a different one. Oh well - next time!
One observation on this week: it was a very wise move to expand my winter footwear collection last fall. Last winter I had a single pair of tall flat black boots and when it was snow and freezing for an extended time I was sick to death from wearing the same pair ALL.THE.TIME! Footwear often dictates the outfit silhouette and when you are limited to tall flat boots you are really limited in the silhouettes you can wear. By adding an ankle booties and heeled tall dressy boots I have expanded what I can wear in such extreme weather. If not for these dressy boots I would not wear my skirts and culottes that often at all as I don't care much how they look with these flat boots.
I am still limited in that all 3 pairs of my winter worthy footwear are black so my next goal is to add other colors to my collection. It is not going to be an easy task - especially in my size - but it is worth pursuing.
Thanks for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very appreciated.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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