Oh, icon of winter dressing--how fun and fab.

Diane, umfrumped - thanks!
abc - working in the office does inspire me to dress up. I am not sure I
would look fab at all if I was working from home!
Angie, snow and tall boots do make equestrian style a no brainer in winter, don't you think?

You never disappoint Sveta....beautiful as always. I can't imagine living with such cold weather, but you certainly don't let it affect your great style. Each of these outfits look special on you and I particularly like the high contrast options.

Wow Sveta #3 and #4 just blew me away! Really, really nice.

Outstanding as usual, Sveta. You always look amazing. Stay warm!

3 and 4 are my fav's. So chic. And I'm loving that long vest. So tempting but I think I'm too busy. Wonderful, wonderful outfits!

I'm with you on a variety of boot styles for winter months. My shorter booties keep my skinny jeans and boots formula interesting during the season. When I only had tall boots, despite having them in two different colors, tall boots is still tall boots everyday.