This past Sunday I finally attended the fundraising gala I referred to in an earlier forum posting. As I suspected, it more of a gala "lite". I went with the navy lace dress and was glad I wore pantyhose since it was quite chilly and the event was partly outdoors. Wore my new ankle strap black pumps, and pearls, using Angie's twist instructions (link below).

I was at the very top end of the "dressiness" scale. Women were either in dresses I would call "business colorful" with sweaters and/or jackets or in a variety of pant/top combinations. Not a gown or LBD in sight. As age went up it was more likely to be eclectic/boho/creative of some some would call "eccentric". Footwear was all over the map, sandals both flat and heeled, pumps both traditional and platform, and boots both ankle and knee high. The variety was partially due to the temps. I saw flipflops at least once. One women who was in her 30's or 40's was in leggings with a white background and large colorful floral print, gold sparkly ankle boots, and a light teal blouse with bell sleeves. She looked "springy" and even though she seemed a bit casual for the event she looked really good. At our table was a women I'd guess to be in her mid 70's who had grown up in Paris. She wore a long dress in a brown paisley print that was quite lovely. She had no makeup on and her long grey hair was in bun on top of her head. The effect was amazingly chic. She had spent most of her adult life in the US but I guess once a chic Parisian woman always a chic Parisian woman . We had a great discussion about how fabric quality in clothing has gone down so much over the years.

A small number of men (incl DH) were in suits with ties, the rest were in all kinds of variations of jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts and even a few in jeans and a dress shirt.

Quite the sartorial buffet! ....the food buffet was pretty good too.

It was in the low 50's (11 C) and quite windy at the start. The bar and coffee areas were outdoors, and the coffee was not in heated containers so it (and the coffee cups) were just plain cold after dinner. By the time we left it was 45 (7 C) and my white sweater was useless in warding off the chill. It was such a short drive home that the car heat didn't come on until we pulled into the driveway.

Had a great time!

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