Hi all, hope everyone’s having a great week! I got my second shot of Moderna on Saturday and wore a springy outfit to celebrate. I felt great until that evening, and then I was absolutely wrecked for two days (fever, chills, splitting headache, etc). But it was definitely worth it! I felt back to normal the past couple days and promptly overdid myself working in the yard. It’s just been a big boost to have sunny warm weather and vaccination. I hope everyone is able to access the vaccine ASAP <3

The ring has become a bit of a post-pandemic gift to myself - not that the pandemic is over, by any means, more of a “you’re getting through it” symbol. When I got married my husband and I just swapped rings that we already had. At some point he lost his and had a replacement break, we bought new rings from Etsy, then my ring broke. At this point I think he’s on ring three or four after just a few years. Last year he got me the rainbow sapphire band as my new wedding band, and I hemmed and hawed over this Sofia Zakia rainbow stardust ring. I finally decided to buy it for myself. After all, my longest and most important relationship is with me! Meanwhile a blogger I follow just shared a post about not wearing her ring, and it’s prompted a lot of interesting discussion: https://designmom.com/newsletter-wedding-rings/

I don’t particularly care for wedding bands, and I have more than one serious romantic partner (we’re polyamorous), but I have found that wearing a ring can make things easier socially. My other life partner is also married and wears a wedding band, and when we would be out together before I had a ring, I would sometimes get dirty looks - I kid you not. A woman with a ring and partner without doesn’t draw much attention, but the opposite is definitely noticed. We will probably do a commitment ceremony next year, and at that point I think I’ll add one more of the rainbow half bands to my stack. So one from each partner and one from myself, which fits my life.

Even though I’m not big on the traditional symbolism, I do love jewelry. Show me your rings here if you care to share!

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