Congratulations on getting shot 2, and you look adorable in that fresh, flirty, lilac and red retro (ish) outfit. With flowers!

And what a great idea to get a ring to celebrate getting through the pandemic. Your rainbow beauties seem to foretell hope and a brighter future! Love them.

I have never owned nor worn an engagement ring. I do have a wedding band but I haven't been wearing it at all for a year -- instead, weirdly, I've been wearing my deceased mother's very narrow platinum band. I can't even recall what brought that on, but's working for now!

Love your rainbow rings!
Mine is a simple band with diamonds. I think they're generally used for anniversaries. I didn't want a traditional big stone cause I figured it would get in the way of guitar playing. DH asks me if I ever want one someday, but nah.

I missed your post originally but have been fascinated by it and the responses. I had no idea so many don't wear wedding rings. I also follow the blogger who posted that and read it with interest.

I wear my ring all the time, only take it off when I do my weight lifting class. We were quite young when we got engaged and married and still in college so didn't have much money. We chose it together from the estate jewelry counter at a local jewelry store. It was $300 for the engagement ring and wedding band and took us years to pay off, seems crazy now. I have no idea how old it might be but feel like it is a timeless design, which is good because we've now been married 36 years. Hubby had a plain band that had to be cut off when he had an MRI so we eventually replaced it with one that has some Celtic designs that he likes.

The other ring is one I also wear every day but I take it off at night and switch around between hands. It belonged to my sister who passed away 5 years ago and I would be absolutely devastated if I ever lost it.

Love your new starburst ring, delicate but not too small.

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