Once a year, Mr. Suz and I try to take a one short vacation just the two of us. Doesn't always happen, but that's what we aim for. This year we went to Stratford, Ontario for some theatre.

I didn't even bother to try packing a light mix- and match capsule. I wanted a specific outfit for each event and that was that. I also needed to be prepared for a few weather conditions, even in that short time -- things were unsettled. Let's face it -- I wanted a chance to wear the heck out of my beautiful clothes!!

But we drove there and I took a train back, so it needed to fit in a small manageable suitcase, regardless. (These are re-enactments since I didn't get photos in the wild.)

1. Thursday: For drive to my mother's and dinner with her and my brother.

Club Monaco shorts from last year.
Zara shirt.
SE sandals.
RL bag.

Love this Zara shirt -- it is a fun silhouette to wear. Very oversized and breezy.

2/3. Friday: Driving to Stratford, lunch, afternoon theatre.

VC tube skirt (navy)
J. Crew silk top
Zara crop sweater (against air conditioning)
SE sandals
Danier clutch.

4/5. Friday night: Dinner and theatre

Dress Kamalikulture
Shoes: SE Okalas
Bag; Danier

This Kamalikulture dress is so easy to travel in and wear. Love it. (Thanks, Angie!!)

6. Saturday: For walking around and lunch.

Shorts: Mexx (3 years ago)
Top: Zara
Shoes: Sofft Bernia

One of my favourite summer outfits so far. I have already repeated it multiple times.

7. Saturday night: Dinner (???) and theatre (???). The question marks are intentional -- we waited for TWO HOURS and never got our supper at the lovely restaurant where we'd gone. We did get an appetizer and a glass of wine. Luckily they had homemade cookies at the Bed and Breakfast place. Meanwhile, the performance we left the restaurant to go to turned out to be almost as bad as the dinner!

Not sure why this photo is blurry. Maybe it reflects the weird goings on that night.

Nicole Miller sheath
Shoes: Okalas

8. Sunday: For walking around (rainy hot day) and matinee:

J. Crew linen pants (navy)
Zara top
Sofft Bernias.

9. Monday: Train ride home (rainy cooler day)

VC tube skirt
J. Crew linen sweater in neon amethyst
Cons Hi-Ness

A couple of these are variations on some you've already seen, or exact repeats. Because I do repeat outfits and really like to do that.

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